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BHi London office will be open next week on Tuesday Feb 18th & Thursday Feb 20th from 6 to 9 pm for those who would like to register in person or purchased equipment for the spring season. The office will also be the week after on Tuesday Feb 25, Wedn

Become A Coach at BHi London

BECOME A COACH Becoming a youth ball hockey coach at BHi London is an incredibly important role to play.  As a coach, your role is to help guide your players in developing their skills, grow their love of the game, and make sure they have fun! At BHi

AOC Weekend of Champs 2018 Video Recap

What’s going on guys? I’m Tom and welcome to another Stick Skillz Video Recap! One of the last tournaments of the year is in the bag with the completion of the All Ontario Cup Weekend of Champs, and what a tournament it was! There was some stiff compe