object(game_details)#3423 (48) { ["gameid"]=> int(25016) ["gamedate"]=> string(26) "/Date(1543021200000-0600)/" ["displaydate"]=> string(25) "Friday, November 23, 2018" ["displaytime"]=> string(10) "7:00:00 PM" ["hometeam"]=> string(19) "Ladies of the Night" ["homelogo"]=> string(21) "logo-ladies-night.png" ["visitorteam"]=> string(10) "Muff n Men" ["visitorlogo"]=> string(19) "logo-muffin-men.png" ["homeid"]=> int(118) ["visitorid"]=> int(1285) ["venue"]=> string(10) "BHi London" ["lshomeid"]=> NULL ["lsvisitorid"]=> NULL ["homescore"]=> int(5) ["visitorscore"]=> int(5) ["homesog"]=> int(1) ["visitorsog"]=> int(1) ["seasonid"]=> NULL ["leagueid"]=> int(105) ["winnerid"]=> int(1285) ["winningname"]=> string(10) "Muff n Men" ["losingname"]=> string(19) "Ladies of the Night" ["winninggoaliename"]=> string(9) "Matt Dale" ["winninghighscorer"]=> string(0) "" ["winninghighscorestats"]=> string(8) "0 G, 0 A" ["notes"]=> string(24) "Semi Finals - 2nd vs 3rd" ["notetype"]=> string(7) "Visible" ["leagueseasonid"]=> NULL ["crossoverlsid"]=> NULL ["gamestatus"]=> string(5) "Final" ["ref1"]=> string(20) "Kyle Duperron-Haynes" ["ref2"]=> string(12) "Corey Russel" ["ref3"]=> string(0) "" ["ref30second"]=> string(0) "" ["timekeeper"]=> string(9) "Amel Alic" ["gamesheettype"]=> NULL ["locationhash"]=> string(32) "8f14e45fceea167a5a36dedd4bea2543" ["locationname"]=> string(10) "BHI London" ["authcode"]=> NULL ["goaldifferential"]=> int(0) ["winningscore"]=> int(5) ["losingscore"]=> int(5) ["finishtype"]=> string(7) "Forfeit" ["star1"]=> string(4) "...0" ["star2"]=> string(4) "...0" ["star3"]=> string(4) "...0" ["winninghighscorerfirst"]=> string(6) "Shelby" ["winninghighscorerlast"]=> string(7) "Davison" } There are no results available for this game