The Men’s Draft Division at BHI will be composed of anyone who wants to register if they are current BHI players or new to BHI.  The inaugural season will have 4 teams playing 15 regular season games culminating in a 2 round 3 game playoff 1v4, 2v3 format.  Periods will be 12 minutes.  Teams will be decided by live draft done by 4 draft captains approved by the division convenor.


A scouting combine will be run for all of the players that sign up to increase your draft stock!

August 1st at 8:30 pm until 10:30 pm at BHi London                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Registration:

Registration for this division will be single-player.  Registration will include 15 games plus playoffs, a team jersey, and a cash prize for the 1st and 2nd place teams determined by the Championship series.  A $100 deposit is required at registration, a refund will be provided if a player is not drafted by a team.  No refund will be granted for someone that gets drafted and decides not to play.  If a player gets drafted but does not show up for the first 3 games, the draft captain is given the option of replacing that player with another player that was registered with the same player rating.  If a jersey is not returned or returned not in good condition, the cost of the jersey will be added to the player’s BHI account that they will be required to pay.


image of registration button

The Draft:

The Draft will consist of 14 rounds and will be a snake draft.  The draft order will be determined by random draw.

  • Round 1 – Team 1 picks, team 2 picks, team 3 picks, team 4 picks
  • Round 2 – Team 4, picks, Team 3 picks, Team 2 picks, Team 1 Picks
  • Round 3 – Team 1 picks, team 2 picks, team 3 picks, team 4 picks
  • Round 4 – Team 4, picks, Team 3 picks, Team 2 picks, Team 1 Picks
  • Any player not picked in the draft will go on the call up list.


Team Rosters:

Each team will have 15 runners and 1 goalie.

  • If a player gets drafted, but does not show up for the first 3 games, the draft captain is given the option of replacing that player with another player that was registered with the same player rating.  The player replacement player can choose to play at a pro-rated amount.
    • All communication between the potential new player must go through BHI.  This will eliminate players from “picking and choosing” who they want to play with/ for.
  • Teams can trade players of the same rating, all trades to be approved by the division convenor.
  • At the end of the regular season, teams can offer ONE player on their roster an extension.  See: Player Extensions


In Season Trades:

Players can be traded to a different team during the season.  

  • All trades must be a 1 for 1 for players of the same rating.
  • All trades are approved by BHI staff to ensure fair trades are made.
  • The trade deadline is week 6 before the first game of the day.
  • Trades must be posted in the manager group chat tagging BHI Staff with the 2nd team replying to the message with “Accepted”.
    • Once Accepted, trades can not be reversed unless both teams agree before the trade is accepted by the division convenor.
  • If a player quits after a trade is processed, the trade will be voided and the player who quits will be removed from the division and replaced by a player of said team’s choice from the pre-season registered list.  The replacement player must be the same rating as the player that quit.


Player Extensions:

Teams may extend ONE  player on their roster for an additional season.

  • Both player and team must agree.
  • Player extensions must be sent to the league convenor in email with all parties involved. 
    • Players must accept by replying to the email and confirmed by the league convenor.
  • The extension window starts after the last regular-season game and closes at the game 2 start time of the championship playoff series.  No exceptions will be made for any extensions made outside of this window.
  • Players may only be extended for 1 season.  The season following their extension they will return to the draft pool.


Captains and Assistants:

Captains will apply and be accepted or denied by the league convenor.  Each captain will be allowed to choose ONE person to be their Asst.  This person will not be required to enter the draft and can be anyone they choose as long as they are in good standing with BHI.  The league convenor/BHI will have the right to refuse a captain’s Asst. request.

  • There is no limit on how many seasons someone can have the same Assistant.
  • Assistants can not be traded.
  • Assistants can not be extended if they choose to not be an assistant the following season.


Call Ups

A team can use a call-up if they are below 10 runners for a game.  A team can use a maximum of 2 call-ups per game.

  • Call-ups can play a maximum of 2 games per team per season.  A violation of this will result in a forfeit of the game with a score of 5-0.
    • All players in attendance will be credited with a game played.
  • A team may ask for a call-up in the BHI Draft League group by using the hashtag #needcallup.  Call-ups should respond to the post to say they are available to play.


Cash Prizes:

Cash prizes will be divided equally among all team members.  Prize money received will depend on how many games each player played during the regular season.  

  • Players will receive full credit if they play 12 regular season games.
  • For each game missed your equity will be decreased by 6.67%.  
  • If a player is traded from/ to a team that wins a cash prize they will be subject to the same percentage.
  • If a player quits, they will receive no share of the cash prize

Ex: Based on $2,000 Cash Prize

  • 2,000 divided by 16 players = $125/ player
  • $125 divided into 12 games = $8.33/ game
    • Play 12+ games = $125 Payout
    • Play 5 games = $41.65 Payout
    • Get traded off team after 3 games and team wins = $25
    • Get traded to a team that wins and plays 3 games = $25



  • If 5 players miss 5 games each that is $208.25
    • $208.25.25 would then get divided among the players that played 12+ games.
      • Ex: 5 players played 12+ games = $125 + 41.65 = $166.65