Fall Finale Ball Hockey Tournament

Ball Hockey International (BHi) has recently announced that the annual Fall Finale ball hockey tournament will take place Oct 23 – 25 at BHi Brantford (12 Edge St, Brantford, ON).


This year’s tournament will consist of a Inter, Rec and Barn Division. Cost to participate is $695 =tax per team for Inter, $595 + tax for rec and barn. Maximum roster size is 16 players including a goalie. AOC rating and rules will apply to this tournament.

spring teaser ball hockey tournament action shot


Intermediate division Champions will receive cash prize TBA

Rec and Barn division champions will receive team custom watches

Event Details

WHAT: 2020 Fall Finale Ball Hockey Tournament

WHEN: Oct 23 – 25, 2020

WHERE: BHi Brantford – 12 Edge St Lions Park, Brantford ON

REGISTRATION: To register, email [email protected], call 519 636 0138, or in person at any BHi Rink. $200 deposit is required before the registration deadline of Oct 11, 2020.