mens ball hockey league

Proram Details

BHi offers a variety of different divisions based on skill level.  Men’s B, C & D divisions consist of a 12 game schedule plus playoffs.


Summer Season Pricing

      Before April 30th   Before May 31st   After May 31st
TEAM FEE          $1,725.00          $1,825.00         $1,900.00
PLAYER FEE            $160.00           $172.50           $190.00
Early bird pricing can be secured with a $75 deposit for Individual and $200 for team fee paid by E-Transfer to [email protected].
Please note that deposits are unfortunately non refundable but are transferable to other 2024 season.


TEAM FEE:  is when all the players pay under one total fee and not as individuals.

  1. Cheaper per player if the team has more than 11 players on their roster.
  2.  Team fees can still be paid separately by each player in the office or as a whole by the team rep.  BHi office can assist team reps with keeping track of each player’s payment if they chose to have players pay separately,      rather than collecting all the fees themselves.
  3.  Team reps can choose what each player pays,  they can charge part time fees for part time players, etc.
  1. Whole team would be unable to continue playing past the final payment deadline (midpoint of season) unless the team fee is paid in full no matter if player(s) have left the team. This is the team rep’s responsibility to keep track of, and notify office staff of any issues or changes.


PLAYER FEE: is when an individual player pays a set fee

  1. Team reps don’t have to worry about chasing players to pay,  BHi office keeps track of them.
  2. Only unpaid individual players on teams would be unable to continue playing past the final payment deadline. The rest of the team would be able to continue beyond the deadline.
  1. Players don’t save money if teams have more than 11 players on the rosters.  They pay the full fee no matter what.




Men’s Division games will be played on Sunday (days or night), Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Nights. 


Division Prizing

All division prizing TBD


Important Rules

  • Teams may add new players to a team throughout the regular season, while not exceeding the maximum of 18 players or minimum of 11 players in any given season.
  • All players must have a valid waiver form completed and signed from the past year to play.
  • In order to play in the playoffs, a player must have played a minimum of 4 regular season games.
  • No restrictions on players playing in B Division.
  • C Division rosters can only include up to 3 B Division players.
  • D Division rosters can only include up to 3 C Division players or 1`C & 1 B division player.
  • E or D2 Division rosters can only include up to 3 D Division players or 1 D & 1 C Division player.
  • No refunds are provided after the first game is played.

Exceptions to these rules are at the discretion and approval of BHi Management.


image of registration button

Call (519)-455-2255 or email [email protected]



BHi operates throughout the year at our London location – 17b Clark Rd.  Our seasons run the following months:

  • Spring: March-May
  • Summer: June-August
  • Fall: September-November
  • Winter: December-February
Note: Spring, Summer and Fall season games will take place outdoors at the corner of Hamilton and Clarke rd. Winter Season will take place indoors at Silverwood Arena – 50 Sycamore St.


Equipment Needed

Adult position players are required to wear protective gloves and use a proper hockey stick (no wooden blades).  It is recommended adults wear proper equipment to protect themselves from injury, such as shin pads, helmet with face shield, jock, and elbow pads.

Goaltenders are required to wear full equipment.