Shannon Polci (Parent)

“My kids have been playing ball hockey for 4 years. It has been amazing to see how much they have grown and the lifelong friends they have made. BHI has help them learn and build on their skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. I’m a strong believer that sports help build character and BHI believes that’s too!”

Danielle Mooder (Parent)

“My 2 kids have been playing ball hockey at BHi for 10yrs. As a parent, I love watching them have fun playing a sport they enjoy with friends they’ve made over the years”

Greg Stanton (Team Rep)

“Signing up to play ball hockey at BHI London is fantastic experience. Well run, fair play to all, schedule and standings are updated usually within an hour. Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful leon bet

Paul Roberts (Team rep)

“I enjoy playing at BHI and keep coming back year after year. It is affordable to play, especially if you sign up early on a team fee and get the early bird rate. They have a variety of divisions and compete levels, so there is fun for all skill levels. It is really enjoyable to play outdoors and kind of brings you back to your childhood playing road hockey outdoors with friends. The leagues are pretty well run and stats are maintained in a timely manner so that you can keep up to date with yours or your team’s stats!!”