• Games are played 5 on 5
  • All league games consist of 3 – 10 minute stop time periods
  • Adult team roster – Min of 11 players + goalie, Max is 18 plus a goalie
  • Youth rosters – Max of 14 players plus a goalie


Required equipment:

Youth – Hockey helmet with face shield, hockey shin pads, hockey gloves, elbow pads, jock, running shoes and a stick

Adult – Hockey gloves, stick and running shoes

*A minor penalty will be assessed if player plays the ball with any of the required equipment*

  • A player can join a game in progress as long as it is before the 3 period
  • Mercy Rule – run time at 10 goals at any point of the game or by 5 goals at the 5 min mark of the 3rd period unless the losing team brings the score less a goal difference
  • A player will be removed from the game is he or she receives 3 penalties
  • No body checking permitted
  • Icing is the blue line and not red line.
  • Floating Blue Line: once the attacking team has crossed the blue line, for the defending team to clear the zone, they must propel the ball outside the center red line. This gives teams additional space for offensive plays
  • Goalies can only freeze the ball if they have at least a foot or body part in the crease area.
  • Balls hits the time keeper plexi glass result in a whistle and faceoff where the ball was shot from.
  • Balls hits any part of the players benches (post, wood) results in a whistle and faceoff closest dot.
  • A team can only pick up a player if they have less than 7 players, can’t exceed two runners on the bench. Teams cannot pick up any players in playoffs – Youth is having 3 runners on the bench
  • Team can pick up a default goalie once per round during the playoffs as long as they are in the same division or lower
  • Regular season, tie games will be followed by a 3 players shootout for all divisions
  • Playoffs, tie games will be followed by a 3 player shootout in Round Robin play, by a 5 minute sudden death overtime period followed by a 3 player shootout in best 2 out 3 series and continuous sudden death overtime in Championship games
  • A player cannot participate in a shootout if he or she has been ejected from the game or serving a penalty
  • In Youth division only, a player can only score 3 goals in one game including overtime but not a shootout
  • Teams can score 5 guy goals. First period, teams are allowed to score up to 3 guy goals, the second period you are allowed to score the 4th guy goal and in the third period you are allowed to score the 5th guy goal. Example: If a team has 2 guy goals at the end of the first period, then in the second period that team can score 2 more guy goals only and must not score the fifth guy goal until the 3 period begins. Guys goals will reset in overtime only.
  • In coed division, only girls can take slap shots. Men can only take wrist and snap shots.
  • Delay of the game penalty with 2 minutes or less in the 3rd period is a penalty shot and not a penalty.
  • A 5 minute major penalty along with a game ejection will be issued for any contact to the head area that draws blood (accidental or intentional)
  • Delay of the game penalty will be issued if a player shoots the ball directly over a fence area from their defensive zone behind blue line not red line –

         (Penalty shot will be issued if this occurs in the final two minutes of a game)

  • Sliding is now permitted on one knee or two knees in men’s divisions only, however a minor penalty will be assessed if

    a) any player who deliberately slides and makes contact with an opponent in any manner.

    b) in the event that a player has to take extreme measures to avoid being upset by an opponent that is sliding

    c) in the Co-ed, ladies, and youth leagues, a minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who deliberately slides anywhere on the playing surface.

    d) A major penalty and game misconduct shall be assessed to any player who injures an opponent as a result of a deliberate slide

  • A player can serve his or her suspensions on all team he or she plays on, not just in the division the suspension occurred.
  • Unsportsmanlike Rule (any verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and physical disability) will result in a game ejection


a) The team with the most wins

b) Head to Head record

c) The team with the least “goals against”

d) The goal differential between the tied teams, if the season series was tied

e) The team with least amount of penalties

f) Coin toss